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April 2024

Tuesday April 23

23:55 – 00:00
Mobility Survey Deadline — We need your ideas!

As some of you might know, the mobility working group of the Sustainability Advisory Board of the University of Vienna is conducting a survey of commuter mobility to try and encourage students and employees of the university to reduce their mobility carbon footprint.
This is thus the perfect time to write them a letter with our ideas of what can be done: Pay up to 75% of the Klimaticket, as TU Vienna already does, install showers in the university for bikers/pedestrians, and offer a free checkup a year for bikes to make bike travel safer for everyone.
Do you have any other ideas you’d like to see in the letter? Send us an email ( to let us know, or come to the stammtisch to discuss!

Wednesday April 24

17:30 – 20:30
Climate Fresk @ ÖH Sustainability week

Everyone’s talking about the IPCC reports – the scientific reports about climate change. They seem important, but you haven’t got the time to read them? Let us tell you about the Climate Fresk!
The Climate Fresk is a game version of the IPCC reports, where you need to recombine the main results to create a fresk – think of it as a big puzzle. In groups of 4 to 7, this relies on your collective intelligence, and it allows you to discuss your ecological goals and worries!
We will be organising one as part of the ÖH sustainability week. Join us!


sustainability week:

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