We are the Studienvertretung (StV) Doktorat Naturwissenschaften at the University of Vienna, or the student representatives of doctoral (PhD) students enrolled in natural science degrees at the University of Vienna. Our current team was elected in June 2023, with the next elections taking place in May 2025. This mostly consists of Antoine, Laleh, Hayk, Ksenija and Milos as elected representatives, plus many people who volunteer for specific tasks. If you are interested in getting involved, let us know! We are always looking for motivated people and open to new ideas.

Natural Science is a rather broad term: for us, this definitively means Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, all flavours of Biology, Astronomy, Geosciences, Psychology, Computer Science, Sports Sciences and possibly more. We send out (roughly monthly) mass emails with updates on our actives and meet-ups: if you get those emails, you are definitely represented by us. If you don’t get those emails and think you should, drop us a line at (stv.dok_nawi@oeh.univie.ac.at).